Good Belgrade-Sarajevo Relations Benefit Citizens in Both Countries

Serbian President Boris Tadic’s visit to Sarajevo is another positive step in the Western Balkans’ long journey of post war recovery and reconciliation, High Representative and EU Special Representative Valentin Inzko said today during a meeting with President Tadic in Sarajevo. 

The HR/EUSR said strong and productive bilateral relations between Sarajevo and Belgrade will benefit citizens throughout Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The HR/EUSR added that Serbia’s progress towards the EU “sets a good example which Bosnia and Herzegovina can follow.” He also commended the “constructive and positive policies by President Tadic in the whole region”.

The HR/EUSR noted, however, that as the result of an inflexible approach among some BiH leaders and after nine months in which the main political parties have failed to agree on the appointment of a Council of Ministers Chairman, Bosnia and Herzegovina risks being left behind as the rest of the region moves towards Europe.

“That would be a tragedy and it would affect the entire population of this country very negatively. This is particularly regrettable — everything is in place to make progress towards Europe. In addition, the European Union stands ready to offer every possible assistance, but some BiH political leaders seem determined not to take advantage of this great opportunity.”