Municipality Kostajnica awarded a Letter of Recognition to the EU Delegation for the contribution to this municipality after the floods

As part of celebrations to mark Municipality Day in Kostajnica on 2 April, the Mayor of Kostajnica, Mr. Drago Bundalo, awarded a Letter of Recognition to the Delegation of the European Union to Bosnia and Herzegovina for the contribution and assistance to this municipality in recovery after the floods of last year. Through the EU Floods Recovery Programme, the EU invested more than 130,000 EUR in the rehabilitation of public and communal facilities in the Municipality. 

 “It is my pleasure to award the Letter of Recognition to the Delegation of the European Union to Bosnia and Herzegovina for their contribution to the development of the Municipality Kostajnica. With their generous engagement and assistance through the EU Floods Recovery Programme, the EU contributed not just to the recovery of damages caused by the floods, but also to the overall development of our Municipality,” said the Kostajnica Mayor, Mr. Drago Bundalo.

The UNDP representatives received the Letter of Recognition on behalf of the EU Delegation to BiH, in the capacity of implementing partner of the EU Floods Recovery Programme. The UNDP has also been awarded with a Letter of Recognition for assisting in the economic and social development of the municipality.

After the ceremony, guests visited the kindergarten Kestenko which was rehabilitated under the EU Floods Recovery Programme. The EU invested more than 80,000 EUR in the complete reconstruction of the building: replacement of complete interior and exterior joinery, thermal and hydro insulation on the roof, as well as on the facade, PVC flooring in the rooms, overall lightning conductor installation, and painting of all interior walls. New furniture and didactic materials have also been provided by the programme. The kindergarten has around 70 beneficiaries, and it also hosts the Association for Children with Disabilities. 

“By rehabilitating the kindergarten, the EU provided the best possible conditions for the daily care of our children,” said the Mayor.

“We would like to thank the European Union for the donated funds. Although we are small, we have a big group of beneficiaries, and we are grateful that the EU not only invested in the rehabilitation of facilities in big towns, but also in smaller communities. Kindergarten ‘Kestenko’ has started with its regular work in a facility which meets energy efficiency conditions and provides excellent conditions for our children,” said the Director of Kindergarten, Saša Grublješić.

Two bridges and the sewerage system are also planned for reconstruction in the Municipality Kostajnica under the EU Floods Recovery Programme.

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