“This is the EU” – 2nd series on European Union and Bosnia and Herzegovina relations starts

A  second series of “This is  the EU” (Ovo jE Unija) video-clips explaining the relations between European Union and Bosnia and Herzegovina will be on TV screens in Bosnia and Herzegovina from Thursday, 14 March.  The TV clips will be shown in the programme of the three public broadcasters in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Specifically, this mini-series explains the development of relations between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the European Union from the time of international recognition of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the current level of contractual relations with the Union which confirm the status of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a potential EU membership candidate.

The clips can additionally be seen on YouTube at:

The Office of the European Union Special Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, MITA Group, Radio-Television of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Radio-Television of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Radio-Television of the Republika Srpska partnered in developing and broadcasting 25 episodes, lasting 30 seconds each, divided in five series. The first series covered the history of the European Union, the second series covers relations between the EU and BiH and final three series will answer questions about EU institutions, EU policies in different areas and required reforms.