Delegation of the EU to Bosnia and Herzegovina/EU Special Representative Office (EUD/EUSR) welcomes new working group

The establishment by the Bosnia and Herzegovina Council of Ministers of a working group to define a co-ordination mechanism for EU related matters was welcomed by the EUD/EUSR today. Defining such a co-ordination mechanism by the end of October is a deadline on the Road Map on EU Accession agreed by Bosnia and Herzegovina’s leaders in Brussels in June 2012.

EUD/EUSR spokesperson Andy McGuffie said:

“We welcome the set up of the working group and hope that all members will be appointed as soon as possible. This is an ideal opportunity for those in positions of responsibility in Bosnia and Herzegovina to show their commitment to EU integration. Efficient and determined performance on this issue would indicate that the country-wide importance of the EU agenda is understood, and is being acted on. Following the publication of this year’s Progress Report, the EU and BiH citizens are expecting to see action.”