Thanks to the EU support, IDDEEA established technical infrastructure required for electronic identification of citizens

The final conference of the EU funded twinning project “Strengthening the Efficiency of the Agency for Identification Documents, Registers and Data Exchange of BiH – IDDEEA” was held on May 19 in Banja Luka.

The results of the project were presented at the Conference, including strengthening of the human and technical capacities of IDDEEA in the field of IT security, as well as professional improvement and certification of staff in specific IT areas.

The most significant outcome of the project is related to enhancement of the development of e-Government. “IDDEEA has established the technical infrastructure required for electronic identification of citizens through this project. However, for efficient provision of electronic services, it is necessary for the authorities at all levels to optimize their procedures and adjust them to the current system,” said Sinisa Macan, Director of IDDEEA.

Mr. Macan explained that by informatisation of activities at all levels of government, the competent authorities would enable 1.5 million citizens of BiH, who currently have electronic ID cards, to exercise their rights electronically. That would also enhance provision of services to citizens and render such services more efficient and transparent. In addition, in this way, opportunities for corruption would be reduced, thus making a significant contribution to the European integration process in the field of public administration reform.

Representatives of the European Union and project implementing partners addressed the participants of the conference, as well as the Ambassador of Italy in BiH, Ruggero Corrias and Ambassador of Estonia in BiH, Arti Hilpus, who highlighted the importance of the achieved goals.

The three basic components of the Project were improvement of logical and physical information technology, improvement of IT experts’ skills and education of primary and secondary users of the IDDEEA information system.

The European Union financed this Project in the amount of 600,000.00 EUR under IPA 2011. The project duration was 18 months and it was implemented by an Italian-Estonian Consortium, headed by CSI – Piemonte from Italy and supported by the Estonian Ministry of the Interior and e-Governance Academy.