EU Election Monitoring Supports Electoral Process in Bosnia and Herzegovina

As the Municipal Elections 2012 were underway, the Head of Delegation of the European Union /EU Special Representative, Ambassador Peter Sørensen, and Deputy Head of Delegation Renzo Daviddi visited polling stations in Pale, Sarajevo and Kiseljak.

During the visit Ambassador Sørensen noted that, in line with the EU accession process, it is up to BiH to demonstrate and conduct successful election processes. “We are monitoring the election voting process today in order to report to our head offices on how the process went,” the Ambassador said.

 Volunteers from the staff of the Delegation of the EU to Bosnia and Herzegovina/EU Special Representative Office are performing election monitoring alongside colleagues from the diplomatic corps and international organisations in the country on Election Day. The purpose of the monitoring is to gain impressions from the ground on the voting process. The monitoring exercise also underlines the strong commitment of the European Union to, and its interest in, a healthy democracy and electoral process in BiH.

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