Official Closing Ceremony of the EU funded project „Support to return to Kotor Varos Municipality“

Thanks to the EU funded project „Support to return to Kotor Varos Municipality“, 46 housing units with associated technical infrastructure were rehabilitated for returning Bosniak and Croat families as well as socially vulnerable, domicile Serb families, while 48 grant packages were provided as a support to sustainable return. Furthermore, the bridge over the river Jakotina which leads to the returnee village Kotor-Bobas in the Municipality Kotor Varos was reconstructed. Finally, the selected municipal employees were trained in project cycle management, thus capacitated for independent design and implementation of future return projects in Kotor Varos.

These results were presented at the final ceremony of project which was successfully implemented by German NGO Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (ASB) and its local project partner, Training and Consulting Agency „Izbor Plus“, with proactive participation of local authorities in Kotor Varos Municipality. Total value of this project is €660.000 out of which European Union financed €500.000, RS Ministry of Refugees and DPs €50.000, FBiH Ministry of DPs and Refugees €35.000, Kotor Varos Municipality € 15.000 and the implementing agency ASB €60.000. The project has been implemented through continuous and successful cooperation between project partners, local authorities, entity Ministries and the main donor, the European Union, and with useful assistance of the BiH Ministry for Human Rights and Refugees. The implemented project has significantly contributed to the creation of improved conditions for sustainable return and reintegration of returnee population in Kotor Varos Municipality and the wider and has provided new opportunities for additional improvement of solid relationship between returnees and domicile population.