Ambassador Peter Sorensen visited public kitchen “Stari grad” in Sarajevo

On the occasion of the Europe Day, Head of the EU Delegation/EU Special Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ambassador Peter Sorensen, visited the Bascarsija – based public kitchen “Stari grad” in Sarajevo and donated food for citizens who get their daily meals there.

This public kitchen provides a lunchtime meal for 1,300 Sarajevo citizens from its current funding. While delivering donation, Ambassador Sorensen stated: “It is a shame that in the 21st century we have citizens in such a bad position. We in the EU Delegation/EU Special Representative Office will not forget the people in need here and we are determined to find further ways to provide assistance.”

The Ambassador commended dedicated work of Ms Zilka Šeta, commonly known as “Aunty”, who runs this public kitchen. Ms Šeta thanked Ambassador for the donation. “It has been 20 years since we have opened our doors to help people to live another day in this beautiful world. For past 20 years, we have been helped by governments of various European countries, such as Germany, Austria, France, etc. Without their assistance, situation for these helpless people would be much worse”, Šeta said.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has more then 20,000 people identified as citizens-in-need. More than 6,500 of them are Sarajevo residents.