Every year, 9 May is marked as Europe Day, commemorating in particular fomer French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman and his Declaration of 9 May 1950, which is now seen as having led to the creation of the European Union. Schuman wrote: “World peace cannot be safeguarded without the making of creative efforts proportionate to the dangers which threaten it. The contribution which an organized and living Europe can bring to civilization is indispensable to the maintenance of peaceful relations. […] Europe will not be made all at once, or according to a single plan. It will be built through concrete achievements which first create a de facto solidarity.” 

It is those values and that vision of peace and co-operation that we celebrate on Europe Day and Europe Week. In Bosnia and Herzegovina specifically, Europe Week is an opportunity to restate, across the country, the firm commitment of the 27 Member States to the EU perspective of the country. All the events during Europe Week will send the message that Bosnia and Herzegovina, already with so many links to EU Member States, will be a welcome Member State of the EU as soon as the necessary conditions are met. And the EU Delegation/EU Special Representative Office will be underlining that the EU is Bosnia and Herzegovina’s committed partner, ready to assist and support the country in its reform efforts.
You are warmly welcome to join the EU Delegation/EUSR Office and our partners from the Directorate for European Integration, EU Info Centres and EUFOR at the following events:

Saturday 5 May   

‘Flying Start’ – parachute and base jumps at Skakavac Waterfall, Sarajevo, 0900hrs – 1100hrs

Sunday 6 May  

‘Run to Europe’ – children’s fun race and adult 4k race leaving from the BBI Centre, Trg Djece Sarajeva, Sarajevo from 1000hrs (see, and

Monday 7 May  

EU Info Stands, City Park in front of Municipality Building, Maglaj, 1000hrs – 1200hrs and in front of ‘Fontana‘ Safvetbeg Basagic, Zavidovici 1300hrs – 1500hrs

Tuesday 8 May  

‘Coffee with the EU’, Café Sirius, Main Square, Ljubuski, 1200hrs – 1400hrs

EU Info Stand, City Park in front of Municipality Building, Olovo, 1000hrs – 1200hrs

Wednesday 9 May  

‘EU Fair’, Spanish Square, Mostar 1100hrs – 1400hrs

EU Info Stands in Sarajevo (Trg Fra Grge Matica) 1100hrs – 1400hrs, Brcko (Trg Mladih 1A) 1200hrs – 1400hrs and Banja Luka (City Park Petar Kocic) 1200hrs – 1400hrs

EU Info Centre Cultural Events, Korzo, Tuzla 1200hrs – 1500hrs

Thursday 10 May  

Round table ‘Young People & EU’, Municipality Building, Trebinje 1100hrs

EU Info Stands in City Park in front of Municipality Building, Tesanj, 1000hrs – 1200hrs and City Park in front of municipality Building, Doboj, 1300hrs – 1500hrs

Friday 11 May  

EU Info Stands in Titova ulica, Odzak 1000hrs – 1200hrs and Trg dr Milana Jelica i Svetosavska ulica, Modrica, 1300hrs – 1500hrs

Saturday 12 May  

‘Shooting Hoops’ basketball competition, BBI Centre, Trg Djece Sarajeva, Sarajevo, 1100hrs – 1500hrs

EU Info Stands in Square Branilaca, Gorazde, 1000hrs – 1200hrs and City Square, Foca, 1300hrs – 1500hrs