The EU supports employment in the metal industry

“Support for competitiveness of small and medium enterprises in the metal industry through the introduction of new technologies and jobs, implementation of EU standards and strengthening the export capacity – EUMETAL”, funded by the European Union, organized a Job Fair in the field of metal industry and in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Science and Youth of Sarajevo Canton, Ministry of Economy Sarajevo Canton, and the Municipality of Novo Sarajevo and

The objective of organizing the fair is to promote employment opportunities in the metal sector, to mediate in connecting employers and employees, and to further animate the small and medium enterprises, the unemployed and workers in the metal sector to take active participation in professional training and additional education and internship program co-financing of new employees who are also implemented under the project “EUMETAL” and announced by the SERDA Public invitation for participation.

In his opening remarks, Head of Operations Department for economic reform, trade and natural resources of the EU Delegation to Bosnia and Herzegovina Johann Hesse, among other things emphasized that it is of the utmost importance for the EU to support economic development in BiH, especially to provide direct support to entrepreneurs, hence this Fair and project is one of the aspects of EU aid to economic development of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“The EUMETAL project was one of the best that we have received in the public invitation that was published by the EU Delegation in BiH, because this project includes competitiveness, job creation and support of the potential workforce in the labor market,” said Hesse.

“Total project cost is 458,460.00 Euros and within the project there are two programs. The first, program of training and further education, includes free training for 200 unemployed persons from the employment office, and training for 100 workers in the metal sector. The second program is the internship program of co-financing the new employees for 50 persons for a period of four months with an amount of 290 KM per month per person”, said the director of SERDA Ševkija Okerić.

Otherwise, the highest growth in the field of economy in Bosnia and Herzegovina was recorded in the metal sector, which last year recorded a growth of 22 percent. Metal industry employs 35.000 employees and exports 40 percent of total exports in BiH.

That is why the metal industry has a huge employment potential, and there is currently a huge demand for mechanical engineers, which are prevalent in this industry,” said Edin Mehi, Director of

Today’s show gathered 20 companies in the field of metal industry with the need to recruit new staff.  By visiting the exhibition stands of Sarajevo, Tuzla, Rogatica, Tesanj, Maglaj and East Sarajevo high school students, and students of Mechanical Engineering were introduced directly about the job opportunities at companies who participated in this Fair.