The General Report on the Activities of the European Union 2011 is out – Now also an e-book

Do you want to know what the European Union did in 2011? Which decisions the EU took to counteract the financial and economic crisis? What was done to help boost growth and preserve jobs? How Europeans benefited from the Union? What contribution the Union made on the international scene?
Now you can find all the answers in the 2011 General Report. The General Report is published every year by the European Commission, and gives an account of the EU’s major initiatives and achievements throughout the year.

The text is divided into 5 chapters:

  • Strengthening economic governance in the European Union (accompanied with a chronology of major events and decisions taken in this field)
  • Stronger growth
  • A stronger focus on EU citizens
  • A stronger EU in the World
  • Strengthening accountability, efficiency and transparency in the EU

For the first time ever the Report is also available in an e-book version for optimised reading on mobile phones or tablets. In order to view it, please follow the EU Bookshop link.
A hard copy of the colourful 178-page report can also be ordered from EU Bookshop. The same applies to reports for previous years, from 2000 to date. Together they offer a broad overview of the EU’s activities, challenges and achievements over the years.

General Report in PDF Version [8MB]

Download the previous versions here.