Compact for Growth & Jobs: Award ceremony for media held in Mostar

An award ceremony for journalists participating in a competition for stories on topics related to Compact for Growth and Jobs was held today in the Pavarotti Music Centre.

The competition was launched last December during the visit of HR/VP Mogherini and Commissioner Hahn to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and was supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy and the Office of the EUSR.

More than 40 media pieces were submitted for the competition featuring stories on employment taxes, labour regulation, business climate and social welfare system. The winning journalists are:

1. Prize: Adis Ajdašlić, BHT1

2. Prize: Mustafa Karahmet, BH Radio 1

3. Prize: Sanja Mlikota,

The award ceremony was opened by the Deputy Head of EU Delegation, Dr Renzo Daviddi.

Dr Daviddi said:

“We have always been clear that journalists and editors have a pivotal role in the European integration process. It’s you who assist the public to be aware of the changes taking place and the reasons for them. It’s you who provide the space for debate, questions and criticism.”

The first Compact-related award ceremony was held in Banja Luka in March, while the second took place in Sarajevo in early June.

Two Education and Job Fairs – in Zenica and Banja Luka – were organized within the broader Compact-related activities.Thousands of job and education opportunities were presented at the Fairs.Young people and jobseekers got the chance to see what vacancies are available, to improve their self-presentation and consider what training or re-skilling they might need. The feedback so far indicates that more than 2,200 people have been employed through the Fairs’ related activities.

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