Poland takes over the EU Presidency

On 1 July, Poland takes over the Presidency of the Council. The main objective of the Polish Presidency shall be that of leading the European Union towards faster economic growth, and an enhanced political community. In order to achieve these targets, the Polish Presidency will concentrate on three fundamental priorities: “European integration as the source of growth”, “Secure Europe”, and “Europe benefiting from openness”.

The Polish Presidency will work to foster economic growth through the further development of the internal market (the electronic market included), and use EU budget funds to design and develop a competitive Europe. Another objective of the Polish Presidency will be that of finalising the process of developing the single market, with a view to release its full potential. “Secure Europe” calls for an improvement in security in a number of areas.

During its Presidency, Poland also intends to support the EU’s foreign and security policy to boost the Union’s position internationally. Poland shall take action to proliferate European values and regulations, including further EU enlargement, and the development of co-operation with neighbouring countries. Through the creation of free trade areas with states of the Eastern Partnership, the Presidency will contribute to the process of expanding the region embracing the Union’s rules and regulations. In lieu of recent events in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and other states of the Southern Neighbourhood, the Polish Presidency will endeavour to enhance partnership-based co-operation, focusing on support for democratic transformation, for the creation of modern state mechanisms (with constitutional reform foundations), and for making the judiciary and the struggle against corruption more robust.

More is available on the Polish presidency website.