Sarajevo will regain its „Trebević cable car”

Rebuilding the Trebević cable car means „restoring one of Sarajevo’s key landmarks,” Sarajevo Canton Prime Minister Fikret Musić said after the signing of an MoU on 12 July, laying out the terms of the cable car restoration project.

Signatories were Prime Minister Musić, Acting Head of the EU Delegation Renzo Daviddi, Sarajevo Mayor Alija Behmen and the Director of the Sarajevo Economic Regional Development Agency (SERDA), Ševkija Okerić.

„In the ten years that I have been here, I have heard so much about the Trebević cable car,” Renzo Daviddi noted, „and today we have the pleasure of signing the MoU. All of us are totally committed to restoring this invaluable resource.” He stressed that the restoration project will boost income generation and that tourism development offers benefits directly and indirectly to all citizens.

„This project will be a joint effort by the EU, Swiss Confederation and BiH partners,” Daviddi said.

„Sarajevo is not complete without the Trebević cable car,” Mayor Behmen said, and he thanked the EU, Swiss confederation as well as Canton Sarajevo, Stari grad municipality, Istočno Sarajevo and SERDA  for their cooperation.

SERDA Director Okerić stressed the importance of the cable car for tourism development and as a means of facilitating much greater recreational use of the Trebević area.

Cable cars and equipment have been donated by the Graechen ski centre in Wallis Canton, Switzerland. The selected cable cars are ideally suited to the project and meet the highest quality standards. The new Trebević cable car will have 6 sitting cabins and between 11 and 13 pillars, with a capacity to transport 1,200 passengers an hour.

The cost of reconstruction  was estimated in the feasibility study at 15-16 million KM, which includes land expropriation, provision of necessary permits, concept design, equipment acquisition and construction, but this figure can now be revised in light of the Swiss donation.

The rehabilitation of the Trebević cable car has attracted huge media interest. The MoU signing ceremony, at Sarajevo City Hall, was attended by numerous guests, including Federation Prime Minister Nermin Nikšić and Deputy Head of Mission of the Swiss Embassy Lukas Rosenkranz, as well as EU representatives and officials from the City of Sarajevo, Canton Sarajevo and Istočno Sarajevo.