BiH was recently approved to be included in the list of countries eligible to export heat treated milk and dairy products to the European Union. Do you think this will have a positive impact on the improvement of the quality of BiH products, in order to be more competitive for export to the European Union market?

Jeneta Šabić,  Zenica

This is a very positive first step in order to make Bosnia and Herzegovina competitive in the market economy of the European Union. We are all aware that BiH imports more products than it exports, and for the country to be successful economically it needs to sell its products outside of the country and expand into the EU market.

Edin Bešić,  Brčko

I think this is great news, and above all a great stimulus for all entrepreneurs in BiH. It should be noted that this is a remarkable example of cooperation between the Ministries of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations with the entrepreneurs who together made a historic step for the dairy sector in BiH, and has hopefully opened the door for other types of products from Bosnia and Herzegovina to be sold within the EU. Entity Ministries of Agriculture should now, more than ever, attempt to stimulate agricultural development, to contribute to profitable production, enable the creation of new jobs, and keep people in the countryside. BiH has significant economic potential in most sectors, which is unfortunately unused. I sincerely hope that this news is a milestone in the economic development of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and that the country will finally start to invest in its comparative advantages in order to reach the appropriate levels of production quality required for participation in the EU market in other sectors.

Ana-Maria Paponja, Mostar

It is certainly a stimulus for other producers in BiH to improve their products and become competitors in the EU market, of course by taking advantage of the state and financial instruments of the European Union that are available to them. It is generally known that the economic situation in BiH is poor, including for the producers who are unaware of the resources available to them and have no hope that success can be achieved by hard work alone. Due to this, I think it is a positive story that will entice other producers to become competitive within the single market of the European Union.