EUSR launches E4U Outreach project for students from 14 universities/faculties

Some 56 undergraduate students and academics from 14 public universities/faculties in BiH gathered on Jahorina on 5 November to take part in 4-day Media Bootcamp during which they will learn about the necessity and benefits of socio-economics reforms and how to design and develop public awareness campaigns.

Media Bootcamp is a kick-off event of the E4U Outreach to undergraduate students project which engages the students and broader youth in BiH in raising awareness on socio-economic reforms.

Marking the beginning of the event, Deputy Head of EUD to BiH Khaldoun Sinno hosted the dinner with participants during which he emphasized the importance of the inclusion of youth, academia and civil society more broadly in the EU Integration process of BiH.

Mr Sinno said that students are gathered from diverse universities and faculties to learn how to communicate reforms which would bring real improvements to the lives of the citizens of BiH and bring country closer to EU membership.

In two separate sessions, students had a chance to learn from a number of experts in various communication fields about the EU integration and socio-economic reforms, preparing and implementing public campaigns, creating brief and concept, media planning and placement, communications budget, branding, creative and production work. In the final, third session students will have a chance to produce their own mini campaigns. The students were also given a presentation by UNDP on Sustainable Development Goals. For the final session of the Media Bootcamp the students had the opportunity to hear a presentation by Marketing and Advertising expert Ivan Stanković on “How to recognize and seize the opportunities that life offers you”.

The team which produces the best campaign will be awarded with a study trip to Brussels that includes visit to ten cities and presentation of the rewarded campaign to EU institutions.

The EUSR/EUD launched the Outreach to undergraduate students project aiming to more closely tackle the issues of unemployment, corruption and economic situation in the country as the main focus of socio-economic reforms through communicating with the public.

The project also includes number of interactive activities with citizens throughout BiH.