Ambassador Wigemark: “Now is the time to take a stand in favour of jobs and growth”

Commenting on the law on excise duties and law on deposit insurance in banks package following yesterday’s HoR session, Head of EU Delegation and EU Special Representative in BIH, Ambassador Lars-Gunnar Wigemark said:

“We are following developments in the Parliament closely. The excise and bank laws are important elements of the Reform Agenda and are necessary conditions for the IMF arrangement as well as the financing of major infrastructure projects across all of BiH by the EBRD and other financial institutions. But these programmes will continue in any event and include many other positive steps to improve the economic and social conditions in the whole country.

Far more importantly for the people of BiH, the increase in excise taxes is necessary to reduce travel times and allow BiH producers to get their produce to international markets on time. This in turn, will create more jobs, including the building of highways, improve services and attract much needed investments. This is what is being delayed if the proposed legislation is not approved as soon as possible.

We therefore expect all elected representatives to continue their efforts to find a way forward that can be supported by a majority of parliamentarians in both Houses of Parliament. Now is the time to take a stand in favour of jobs and growth.”