Statement of the EUD/EUSR and EU Heads of Missions in Bosnia Herzegovina on the occasion of Climate Diplomacy Week

Sarajevo, 19 – 26 June 2017

In the European Union and around the world, we mark Climate Diplomacy Week. The Paris Agreement on climate change was the prime accomplishment of multilateralism, of which both the EU and Bosnia and Herzegovina can and should be proud. The ratification progress has been extraordinary – the Paris Agreement entered into force on 4 November 2016, less than a year after the Paris Summit, and 147 countries have already ratified it. In order to realise the vision of a global climate resilient, low – emissions future we must now focus all our attention on putting our words into action.

We welcome the fact that Bosnia and Herzegovina ratified the Agreement and we encourage the authorities to make progress on implementation of country’s Nationally-Determined Contribution (NDC) and adaptation actions. Bosnia and Herzegovina should continue to implement its adopted climate strategy in line with the EU 2030 Climate and Energy Policy Framework, along with complementary legislation.

The EU and its Member States are determined to play our full part in implementing the Paris Agreement, both within the EU and internationally. Europe has provided and will continue to provide substantial funding to support climate action in partner countries.

Within the EU, we are dedicated to secure completion of the legislative and regulatory package that is necessary to meet our Paris target – to reduce emissions by at least 40% by 2030. All sectors of the economy are covered but we are placing primary focus on energy efficiency, as well as boosting of renewable energy contributions across the EU. Bosnia and Herzegovina as an aspiring EU Member State and a Contracting Party to the Energy Community Treaty should join the EU in implementation of these important actions.

When it comes to concerns over actions against climate change having a negative effect on economic growth, we have found just the opposite to be true: EU emissions have been reduced by 22% since 1990, while EU GDP has grown by 50%. In this period we have created new jobs, businesses, technologies and competitive advantages, preparing our economies for the climate-resilient, low-carbon future.

Paris was a defining moment in the fight to preserve our planet for future generations. It is truly important that we maintain the momentum in the years to come. Continued engagement in combatting climate change will bring greater energy security, lower emissions, innovation driven growth, job creation, more resilient societies, and a much better and healthier environment for all.