European Climate Diplomacy Week: From recycled waste to bespoke art

As part of marking European Climate Diplomacy Week, the EU Info Centre organised an innovative recycling art workshop and opening of the exhibition, “Climate Change Knows no Borders”, for secondary school students in Sarajevo.

More than fifty students from the Sarajevo High School for Hospitality and Tourism created unique artistic expressions from recycled waste they collected. Recognised BiH visual artist, Sanela Husić, moderated the workshop and guided the students through the artistic process.

“Sculpture is one of the most difficult artistic forms because it entails both space, light and form. On the other hand, it allows you to be truly, which is why it is a perfect form with which to express our vision of climate change and its impact on our everyday lives and future,“ explained Husić, who also underlined the importance of practical knowledge in general, especially where environmental protection is concerned.

Divided into three groups, the students created their expressions of planet Earth, a human form and flowers from recycled plastic bottles, showcasing nature and the interconectedness and mutual causality of the ecosystem.

An interractive discussion and short lecture was organised during the workshop, where students had an opportunity to learn about the role of the European Union in battling climate change and the aims of marking Climate Diplomacy Week. Participants agreed that in order for each country to do its part in tackling climate change, individuals must contribute by taking taking care of nature and the environment for the future generations.

The creative workshop also hosted the opening of an exhibition of educational and informative posters on climate change and its consequences, which will be donated to the students as well as sent to schools across the country, in order to motivate teachers and students to practice more responsible behaviour towards the environment.

The arwork created by the students will be exhibited in the participating school in order to raise awarness about the importance of recycling and preservation of a healthy environment.

European Climate Diplomacy Week is marked around the world, in cooperation with the EU and its Member States. It seeks to emphasise positive climate action and encourage extensive dialogue and a common response to climate change.