Better services for citizens in focus of EU assistance to the BiH judiciary

Within the EU support to improve the rule of law and judiciary system in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the European Union and the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of Bosnia and Hercegovina have commenced a three-year project “Building an Effective and Citizen-friendly Judiciary”.

The EU-funded project worth nearly €6 million will help courts and prosecutors’ offices in providing better services to citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina and enhance effectiveness, accountability and transparency of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s judiciary.

The project will support courts and prosecutors’ offices efforts in establishing a credible track record in processing organised crime and corruption cases, as well as other cases that impact lives of BiH’s citizens – such as bankruptcy cases.

Additionally, the project will incorporate activities aiming to implement recommendations of the European Commission stemming from the peer review process to align disciplinary procedures, selection and appointment of judges and prosecutors, as well as appraisal procedures in the judiciary with European standards.

These efforts should contribute to increasing the level of reliability of the judicial system in BiH, where the citizens in BiH would not have doubts whether the system is capable of protecting them from crime, especially organised crime and corruption.

This is an important step in reforming the rule of law in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which once achieved, will result in guaranteeing the full protection of civic rights and equal access to justice for all.