EU Ambassador Wigemark meets with Mr Davor Dragicevic: All citizens should be equal before the law

The European Union Ambassador to BiH, Lars-Gunnar Wigemark, met today in Sarajevo with Mr. Davor Dragicevic, father of the late David Dragicevic. Ambassador Wigemark expressed his sincere condolences to Mr. Dragicevic over the tragic death of his son.

Mr. Dragicevic expressed his concerns over the handling of the official investigation into the death of his son. He also informed Ambassador Wigemark about plans to register a non-governmental organisation based on the work of the “Justice for David” movement, which has been peacefully protesting for more than 240 days.

Ambassador Wigemark underlined that all citizens in BiH should be equal before the law and rule of law is a fundamental part of the EU integration process. Law enforcement agencies and judicial institutions must be able to act independently and free of any undue pressure.

The law enforcement authorities have a duty to pursue investigations where there is a suspicion of criminal offense. Mr. Dragicevic and all citizens in BiH have a right to expect a thorough and professional investigation into all serious crimes. Any country aspiring to membership in the European Union should do no less.