Public debate held on EU integration

Development of road infrastructure and agriculture priorities of Nevesinje municipality

Citizens of Nevesinje have shown great interest in the process of European integration of Bosnia and Herzegovina at a debate organised by the Office of the European Union Special Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina (EUSR) under the ‘prEUzmi inicijativu’ („Take the EU initiative“) project. Around 70 entrepreneurs, businessmen, representatives of civil society organisations, youth and other participants from this local community attended the debate, hosted by EU Ambassador to BiH Lars-Gunnar Wigemark.

“Our goal is to acquaint the local community with the benefits that come with EU membership, but also to hear directly from the citizens what they want. The process of European integration is by no means an elitist project that belongs to political leaders in Sarajevo, Banja Luka or other places, it is a process that should involve all the citizens of this country who work hard and diligently,” Ambassador Wigemark said on this occasion.

Citizens present at the debate showed particular interest in information on EU assistance funds with a focus on additional agricultural development, pointing out that 7 million litres of milk were produced in the area of this municipality in 2018. Much of the discussion also touched upon the construction of road infrastructure that is crucial for the quality connection and networking of Nevesinje with Mostar, as well as connecting this town to Corridor Vc.

Ljiljana Belada, a regional expert from Montenegro, talked about the country’s progress towards EU membership, highlighting the positive changes that Montenegro as a society is experiencing on this journey, one of which is improving the quality of life of citizens due to the use of assets from EU funds at the rate of 90%. Tamara Puhovski, an expert from Croatia, gave specific advice on writing up project proposals and reminded that there is existing literature on this subject in Croatia.

The next debate will be held in Odžak on 26 June.