Citizens of Municipality of Čajniče want harmonisation of the education system with the labour market

Citizens of Čajniče have shown great interest for the European integrations process of Bosnia and Herzegovina during a public debate organised by the Office of the EU Special Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina (EUSR) within the project ‘prEUzmi inicijativu’ (take the EU initiative).

 “We are here to bring the EU integration process closer to the citizens of Čajniče, to familiarise them with the obligations that this country must fulfil in order for the society as a whole to undergo reforms that will improve the quality of life of citizens, but also ensure the European future,” stated EU Ambassador to BiH, Lars-Gunnar Wigemark.

The debate was attended by about 100 entrepreneurs, representatives of civil society organisations, youth and other stakeholders from this local community. Besides specific questions about the various assistance programmes provided by the EU to BiH within the European integration process, the citizens also showed a great interest in aligning the education system with the labour market, in the increasingly present topic of the youth brain drain as well as in the problem with the remaining mines.

The host of the debate Ambassador Wigemark was joined by Ambassador of the Netherlands to BiH, Reinout Vos, who stressed that Čajniče with all its peculiarities, including its cultural and historical monuments, has place in the European Union and expressed hope that BiH will soon become a member of the EU family. The debate was also attended by the Slovak Ambassador to BiH, Martin Kačo, who said to citizens of Čajniče that BiH’s EU path is unquestionable, but that whole society must undertake necessary reforms.

The ninth and final debate within the project ‘prEUzmi inicijativu’ will be held in Zenica on 22 July.