EUD/EUSR welcomes endorsement of new package of socio-economic reforms by both Entities

As outlined in the European Commission Opinion on Bosnia and Herzegovina’s application for EU membership, a new set of socio-economic reform measures needs to be agreed and implemented by the governments at all levels in the country, in full alignment with the Economic Reform Programme and the related policy guidance.

The EUD/EUSR welcomes, as a first good step, the endorsement of a new package of socio-economic reforms by both entity governments at their parallel sessions today.

The entity governments committed to adopt reforms in their sphere of competencies to: improve business environment and stimulate growth and competitiveness; to depoliticise state-owned enterprises; to reform the healthcare system; and to provide better opportunities for youth, women and vulnerable groups.

To ensure countrywide ownership and consistent political support to socio-economic reforms, implementation of these reforms will need to be coordinated among all authorities, including the state level, through a common action plan.

We reiterate the call for the swift formation of a state-level government, so this important work may continue and governments at all levels in BiH embark on consistent reforms to improve lives of citizens of the country.