Bosnia and Herzegovina: Council adopts conclusions, welcomes continued presence of Operation EUFOR Althea

  1. The Council reiterates its unequivocal commitment to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s EU perspective as a single, united and sovereign country. Taking into account that since last year’s general elections, governments have not yet been formed in Bosnia and Herzegovina on State and Federation levels, the Council renews its call on Bosnia and Herzegovina to proceed with government formation and start work without any further delay, in the interest of all citizens. The Council recalls that effective implementation of reforms is necessary to advance on the EU path. In addition, the Council recalls its Conclusions of June 2019, which took note of the Commission’s opinion.
  2. The Council welcomes the continued presence of Operation Althea, which in the follow up of the Strategic Reviews 2017 and 2019 has refocused on its core mandate, while retaining the collective training as a task of the Operation. In this context, as part of the overall EU strategy for Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Council confirms the EU’s readiness to continue at this stage the executive mandate of Operation Althea to support Bosnia and Herzegovina’s authorities to maintain the safe and secure environment, under a renewed UN mandate.
  3. The Council looks forward to the presentation of the next Strategic Review in 2021 as a basis for discussion with Member States on EUFOR’s tasks and options for the future of the Operation, also bearing in mind the need to support Bosnia and Herzegovina’s progress in its EU integration process and taking into account the security situation on the ground.
  4. The Council recognises the importance of continued coordination of EUFOR Althea with other international actors on the ground.
  5. The EU continues at the same time to urge the authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina to accelerate, with the support of the international community, their efforts in the disposal of ammunition, weapons and explosives surplus, as well as in demining.