RiNG Me – Meet the scientists: Science Brought Closer to Youth in BiH

Youth, students, post-graduates and PhD students from Sarajevo, Mostar, Tuzla and Banja Luka, through specialised events named “RiNG Me: Meet the Scientists”, heard the first-hand experiences of 16 successful BiH scientists exchanging their perspectives on science and research in BiH, as well as their engagement in research and innovation projects in BiH funded by the European Union.

During the panel discussions, these BiH scientists underlined that science should inspire individuals to leave their comfort zones and identify the opportunities available to them; that they should apply to the relevant initiatives and programmes of the European Union so as to expand their horizons and enjoy their scientific experiences.

“Science is never monotonous. Scientific occupations are very creative areas. Working in science provides you the opportunity to enjoy a certain social influence, while you do not need to have public engagements like politicians do or any other person from public life. Through scientific work we can do a lot of good for the public and that is the best thing about our work. In order to inspire youth to choose a career in science, we should put a clearer emphasis on its benefits through engagement with higher education institutions and curricula,” said Marija Čutura, teaching assistant at the University of Mostar.

Ana Ćurić holds a Master’s degree in Experimental Biology from the Faculty of Natural Science in Banja Luka and is a familiar face at European Researcher’s Night in this city. Ćurić reminded future researchers that the future is theirs to make, depending on how dedicated they are to learning and sharing knowledge.

Above-average curiosity and a strong desire for knowledge are the first steps on a career in science, agreed the researchers, Professors and PhD holders. However, official institutions should provide those conditions that would enable the growth of science, which has always been one of the drivers of social development. “The country’s obligation is to prompt and financially support higher education and of course scientific research. But, more specifically, how can we help youth? By working together on projects and publishing articles. Concretely, I have published two articles with my students and that is their starting point in the hidden area of science” remarked Danijel Danko Šogorović, University Professor.

“RiNG Me: Meet the scientists” illustrated the advantages of science and scientific work to the development of Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as the opportunity for support to this sector through funds and programs of European Union. Students, scientists and academic staff had an opportunity to access information and experiences of successful projects realised through European Union funds such as Horizon 2020, Erasmus + and Marie Skodolowska – Curie Actions.