Construction of houses for returnees and displaced persons in BiH continues

Within the Regional Housing Programme, mayors of 58 municipalities and cities in BiH have signed agreements in Sarajevo to ensure further construction and reconstruction of family homes and apartments for the most vulnerable displaced persons and returnees.

The signed agreements entail the reconstruction and construction of some 785 houses and 390 apartments in residential buildings in the municipalities included in the programme.

To finance housing projects and support the implementation of programs carried out in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia, the European Union has allocated 234 million euro. In BiH only, the EU has allocated 63 million euro.

Thanks to the Regional Housing Programme more than 3200 housing units will be provided by the end of the programme for refugees, displaced persons and returnees in Bosnia and Herzegovina. So far, some 1500 housing units have been completed, out of which 1100 houses and 400 apartments. Completion of the reconstruction and construction of the remaining 1700 housing units is planned during the period of 2020-2022.