Visit to BiH of EU Ambassadors and EU Military officials concludes with donation of 150 metal detectors to Armed Forces of BiH

The 27 Ambassadors of the Political and Security Committee of the European Union and high-level military officials from the EU Military Committee handed over 150 metal detectors for the Demining Battalion of the Armed Forces of BiH to the Minister of Defence of Bosnia and Herzegovina at the end of a one-day visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina. The metal detectors are the first items delivered as part of an Assistance Measure worth EUR 10 million under the European Peace Facility, with 34 transport vehicles and 34 medical vehicles also foreseen.

The EU Peace Facility is a new EU mechanism for building the defence capacity of the EU and the Union’s closest partners. In addition to the Assistance Measure to enhance and upgrade the capabilities of the Demining Battalion of the Armed Forces of BiH, the EU also recently approved a further Assistance Measure worth EUR 6 million to enhance the capacity of the Balkan Medical Taskforce.

The EU considers the Western Balkans, including BiH, as one of its closest partners. The high-level visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina reaffirmed the EU’s unequivocal commitment to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s EU perspective as a single, united and sovereign country. The EU expressed its concern about the political situation in BiH marked by lack of dialogue, divisive rhetoric and unacceptable steps against the unity, territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country, which hinders the EU perspective of the country.

The Ambassadors welcomed Bosnia and Herzegovina’s cooperation with the EU in foreign affairs, security and defence, crucial for mutual stability and prosperity and more important than ever in the face of Russia’s unwarranted aggression against Ukraine. The EU commends BiH’s authorities commitment to align with EU measures and calls on them to implement these in full.

The high-level visit included a meeting with the troops and the commander of EUFOR Althea. The EU welcomed the full support of the BiH authorities to EUFOR Althea, which remains fully committed to supporting BiH in ensuring a safe and secure environment for all its citizens.