Bosnia and Herzegovina: High Representative/Vice President Josep Borrell met with the new tripartite Presidency

High Representative/Vice President Josep Borrell met with Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Presidency chair Ms. Željka Cvijanović, and Presidency members Mr. Željko Komšić and Denis Bećirović in Brussels on Wednesday.

HR/VP Borrell reiterated the EU’s commitment to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s EU path. He underlined that the granting of EU candidate status in December was an important milestone, which confirmed the European future of the country. He urged the Presidency to advance reforms and ensure functionality of the country and its institutions, for the benefit of the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He rejected irresponsible rhetoric and actions, aimed at undermining the unity and territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina and stressed that such behaviour has no place in the European Union.

HR/VP Borrell also reiterated that the EU remains ready to provide support to the country, drawing notably attention to EU assistance for the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, including on demining, under the European Peace Facility.

Against the backdrop of Russia’s illegal and unprovoked aggression against Ukraine HR/VP Borrell stressed the importance to build a democratic, stable, and peaceful continent with respect for rules and international law. He praised BiH for condemning the aggression and aligning to the EU’s unprecedented sanctions against the Russian leadership and its war economy.

The HRVP stressed that the EU counted on Bosnia and Herzegovina to continue to stand with the EU on foreign policy positions and decisions, in line with the country’s strategic choice of EU integration. The EU, on the other side, will also continue to stand with the people of Bosnia of Herzegovina, in particular in challenging times, such as through the Energy Support Package, to which BiH has been allocated €70 million, €50 million of which has been allocated to support vulnerable households and €20 million of which will go to support energy transition.

They agreed to remain in close touch and work together to advance on Bosnia and Herzegovina’s EU path, to contribute to a better future for all in the country, in particular the younger generation. The HRVP looked forward to soon hold the first High Level Political Forum, as set out in the 2022 enlargement report.