Banja Luka University Students and EU representatives Discuss Entrepreneurial Challenges of Youth Today

Simone Guerrini, Head of European Union Regional Office Banja Luka visited today the University of Banja Luka and had inspiring discussion with students of the Faculty of Economics on obstacle young people in BiH encounter when starting a business.

After visiting universities in Zenica, Sarajevo, Tuzla, Mostar and Bihac, the European Union’s project “Generation Change” arrived to Banja Luka where students got a chance to meet inspiring young entrepreneurs from this city, as part of panel discussion Navigating Entrepreneurial Challenges: Labyrinth of Procedures.

The business environment in BiH is complex due to complicated procedures for starting and running a business and a lack of business support services. Despite this, the country is full of talented and hardworking young people, who are not ready to stop at first obstacle. Today we heard great stories from young entrepreneurs who have made their dreams possible right here in Banja Luka, and now serve as an example to their peers.”  said Guerrini.

Other panellists who shared their experience and stories with students were Damijan Sedar, Ambassador of Slovenia to BiH, Boris Maksimović, founder of Imprimatur publishing house, and Mirna Kuvalja, the owner of Tekne Concept Store.

“To launch and run a business in BiH is not simple, particularly something which does not appear overly lucrative such as the publishing house, but we cannot give up. If we overcome one hurdle today, it is going to be easier for somebody else tomorrow. We need to be launching businesses and contributing to economic development, as well as to clearly articulate what kind of difficulties we are faced with, in order to create positive change .” said Maksimović.

The event concluded by inviting students to team up and apply for the next phase of the #GenChange project, and get an opportunity to be part of a winning team that will travel to Brussels this summer.

In the past two months, Ambassador Sattler and EU representatives, together with ambassadors of EU Member States, visited six public universities throughout BiH and talked with over 720 students about different topics of importance to young people, but also important for the country’s progress towards the European Union.