Do you think that the fight against organized crime and corruption are key issues that will affect the future long term prosperity of BiH?

Almira Hasanovic,  Tuzla

Fight against organized crime and corruption is grummet in BiH society as well as in any other. It is widely known that organized crime side by side with corruption represents a major burden for the future prosperity of BiH society as it obstructs the proper and fair functioning of the institutions and social system for which citizens certainly do not have trust in. Since crime and corruption undermine the rule of law, democracy, human rights, social justice, institutional stability and the prosperity of BiH society, I believe that the fight against organized crime and corruption is one of the key issues that will affect the overall development of BiH. What is necessary is get rid of the constraints of criminal and corrupt activities, to restore public confidence in the institutions and to establish an effective state apparatus, to see a society developed in a more favourable context.

Drazen Pantic,  Mostar

I am sure that reducing the corruption and crime in any case would help progress of our country. I hope that this would create the opportunity to finally bring the most able people into policy making positions. People who would be able do their job and who not only write the plans but who are also able to implement them. If this happens, I think it would ultimately be a guarantee for the long-term prosperity of BiH and a better life for the people.

Jasmina Kesic, Prijedor

The entire current situation in BiH is a consequence of an intertwined corruption and criminal actions that has seeped into every pore of society. There is no dispute that even in developed countries corruption and crime exist, but when there are certain measures and sanctions ordinary against it, citizen do not suffer the consequences insomuch. Unfortunately, we are in a situation where this ‘spiders grid’ is becoming more and more complicated and when we are not able to see possibility of getting out of it. So far, no one has ever been declared responsible for corruption, and this simply provides encouragement to them to continue. This will continue until BiH really faces these problems, and then it will certainly be a path that leads to the prosperity of our country.