The “Education and Jobs Fair: Learn – Explore – Network” co-organised by the Office of the European Union Special Representative and the Royal Norwegian Embassy in BiH was held in Banja Luka in March. What other actions do you think need to be undertaken, especially by BiH authorities, to help people find the right job for them?

Mirela Omanović,  Breza

Helping people to find the right job means matching the right people to the right positions. In developed countries, this is a systematic process linked to the progress and development of the country, because employees who do the work they love are more successful and more creative than those who work only for the sake of it. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the answer to this question is complex. The authorities should be active and work in three phases: 1) provide the right to work to all who are capable of working and enable them to identify the right work for them; 2) allow young people in the educational phase to identify their preferences and affinities; and finally, 3) recognize preferences in the criteria of employment, and not primarily the fulfilment of formal conditions and collection of certificates that are absolutely no guarantee of professionalism and quality.

Elvir Rahmanović,  Zenica

Taking into account the new approach of the European Union toward Bosnia and Herzegovina, which focuses on socio-economic reforms and building a functional BiH, the new government and institutions in BiH at all levels will need to undertake rapid and progressive measures to fulfil the obligations arising from the Government’s Written Commitment to undertake reforms necessary for the country’s progress towards joining the European Union. These measures include drawing up an implementation plan for reforms with the aim of employment growth, halting the economic downturn, respecting the rule of law, reforming public administration, etc. This primarily implies creation of a positive environment for the unemployed to find jobs. New jobs can be formed through the creation of the necessary conditions for increasing domestic and foreign investment in those sectors of the economy of BiH that will give rise to the greatest number of jobs. In addition, investment in – and reform of – the education sector, with a view to producing higher quality staff in various professional fields and increasing competitiveness in the labour market, transparency and reform of employment in the civil service at all levels, an aggressive fight against corruption with the relevant judicial and other institutions in all sectors of society, etc. must be addressed.

Nirmal Kukić, Živinice

The BiH authorities need to create new jobs in various spheres for the employment of people. In my opinion, these job fairs will not amount to much if they cannot create new jobs. Thus, the BiH authorities must invest more resources in the creation of new jobs, make a long-term strategic plan for the employment of people, and fill new positions with professional staff identified through such fairs.