During their recent visit to BiH aimed at kicking-start the stalled EU reform plan, Ministers of foreign affairs of Germany and United Kingdom urged local leaders to grasp what they called a unique opportunity. Do you think that the BiH political leaders will make the most of this generous offer?

Jasmin Šaković,  Sarajevo

I think that we’ve had this kind of opportunity before. The incompetence of our leaders has brought us to this point. We have not moved on, even 20 years after the war. I am a constant optimist, always looking for the best in every situation. However, when it comes to politics, my optimism has long since died. Once again, we see that the people are blamed for voting or not voting this or that party. And we see a certain repetition in the type of governments we have had over the last 30 years. That is why I have decided to focus more on the next generation and to act differently than I have done for years.

Edin Musić,  Tuzla

Judging from previous experience, I sincerely doubt that anything will change. In order to achieve the desired effect, the foreign policy of Germany and the UK, but also of the EU, would have to focus on strict sanctions for non-compliance. For example, a restriction of the movement in the Schengen zone for specific persons from the BiH political scene (and not a sanction directed at BiH citizens), or even stronger economic sanctions that would affect citizens in such a way that will make them focus on economic issues, and move them to place pressure on political leaders. In this way, ethno-national issues might take a second place to such reforms.

Mladen Lakić, Pale

The current parties that are in power are the same parties that have been blocking progress of BiH for many decades. In every sense, I mean, and not only with regard to integration into the EU. So I can’t see why this time round anyone could expect any better from them. They have not yet been able to form a government. The main leaders certainly would not consider this issue seriously unless their hand was forced by the threat of financial sanctions. Another issue is the declared official policy of the BiH politicians to join the EU, while many citizens do not have a clear idea of what this might mean for them. .