The foreign ministers of Germany and Great Britain presented their plan to break the BiH deadlock with the EU. Do you believe that this plan will finally move the country out of the current crisis?

Irna Protić,  Mostar

It was about time that the international community showed some initiative in breaking the deadlock between BiH and the EU. However, the idea of putting the economy in focus is not a guarantee that the political elite will stick to their pledges. Declarations will be made, of course, but keeping in mind the ethnic divisions in the country, uneducated voters and the general lack of public funds, I am a bit sceptical about the outcome. I hope that 4 years from now we won’t yet again be talking about the new approach for the country as we usually do around election time.

Amila Mujčinović,  Tuzla

No, because so far plans of the leaders of the European Union, or EU representatives of the Member States, have proven ineffective in Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially given the political indifference of BiH politicians to this kind of gesture.

Ermin Kadić,Visoko

I think the West finally realised that Bosnia and Herzegovina needed more help and, in particular, this concession since it is not a typical underdeveloped society but an extremely complex and non-functional political unit. It can’t solve this problem on its own and this assistance from the European Union has a good chance of stabilising political relations and starting socio-economic reforms.