What would be the most important factor to stop the current “brain drain” from BiH?

Milka Kazazovic, Zenica

The key thing would be to appoint smart people in senior positions on the basis of ability, integrity and knowledge and NOT on the grounds of ethnic group, party membership or nepotism. Only then will the true talent have the opportunity to emerge from the ‘quagmire’ in which we currently reside. People are leaving because they cannot establish themselves and because everything is somehow more important than the fact who knows how much and how many values a person has. In contrast, we see in the West that young people are given the chance to prove themselves and generally they can make the best of their lives.

Damir Radenkovic, Brcko

BiH politicians need to regain the confidence of young people. No one believes that the authorities are working for the benefit of citizens anymore. It is necessary to listen to the public and only then draft a development strategy and thus involve the target population in the decision-making process. Only in that way will the authorities be at the service of the people and not vice-versa. This is a factor that would stop young people from leaving and inspire them to build BIH and not to seek a way out of it. Quality programmes for the youth employment and subsidies in agriculture and industry, as well as efforts to strengthen small and medium enterprises would reduce the unemployment rate as well, which is the main factor to explain the current “brain drain”.

Vedrana Kisic, Livno

The best and smartest ones amongst us need an opportunity to build and mend a country ravaged by wars, senseless hatred, corruption, and apathy. The key factor would be at least a fragment of certainty that all of us will have a fair chance once we complete our education. Our future security should not be conditioned upon being a member of a political party, or if whether someone is wealthy enough to ‘buy’ or ‘make’ a job for their children or family members. We need to see the establishment of a real system of values and equality for all to be carried out by law and with severe penalties for any ‘rigging of the system’. We need to tighten the measures that sanction the rigging of jobs and encourage young and smart people to start their own businesses. The introduction of a more practical driven education system, instead of the current one that deals with obsolete theories, one based on practical examples, current information, and new trends in science, technology, and society would help too!