EU Family Web Portal Launched Today

An European Union family web portal was launched today. The aim of the portal is to present the separate EU organisations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It will explain the work of the Office of the EUSR, the EU-led military mission EUFOR, the EU-led police mission EUPM and the European Commission.

“EU in BiH” web portal can now be accessed at: 

The EU is strengthening its central supporting role in BiH.  Since the signing of the Dayton peace Accords, the huge task of building a stable social and political structure as well as a functioning economy had to be undertaken by many international community actors, but none more prominent and consistent than the EU.

The EU affirmed this commitment to Bosnia and Herzegovina in Thessaloniki in June 2003 by offering the country a clear perspective of EU membership.

The main road for BiH joining the EU is the Stabilisation and Association process supported by the EC delegation and more than 2.5 billion euro in assistance programmes. The appointment of the EUSR, the deployment of EUPM and, most recently, EUFOR further demonstrates the increasing commitment by the EU as BiH moves from stabilisation to European integration”