Schwarz-Schilling: Srebrenica Is a Special Case

Srebrenica is a special case and must remain at the top of the RS Government’s agenda, the High Representative and EU Special Representative, Christian Schwarz-Schilling, wrote in an article that appeared in Euroblic today.

“The systematic elimination of the town’s male population in July 1995 was carried out on the orders of Ratko Mladic, the commander of the Army of Republika Srpska,” Mr Schwarz-Schilling wrote. “This fact does not make the citizens of Republika Srpska culpable. But it does place Republika Srpska under a moral and political compulsion to deal with the consequences of the genocide.”

In the article in Republika Srpska’s best-selling newspaper, the High Representative and EU Special Representative recognised that the RS Government has made Srebrenica municipality an area of special socio-economic significance and unveiled a Srebrenica Development Programme.

“This includes earmarking 16 million KM of public spending to Srebrenica and legislative changes to channel higher budget allocations to the municipality over the long term,” he wrote, pointing out that these moves should be commended.

Mr Schwarz-Schilling also expressed confidence that the citizens of Republika Srpska can look forward to a prosperous future in Bosnia and Herzegovina as the country integrates itself into the European Union.

“But for this to happen, the Government’s commitments on Srebrenica must be met in full,” he concluded. “Honouring these commitments is crucial not only for the survivors of Srebrenica, but for all the citizens of Republika Srpska.”

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