Education Laws Adoption Represents Step Forward

The adoption of two long overdue education laws yesterday by Bosnia and Herzegovina’s House of Representatives represents a step forward in a field that is critical to the future of the country and in particular the younger generation.


The state-level Framework Law on Higher Education in BiH and the Law on Agency for Pre-School, Primary and Secondary Education in BiH will open up considerable opportunities to raise the quality of education across Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The House of Peoples should therefore adopt this legislation rapidly so that the laws can be implemented as soon as possible. Further improvements in these laws may be necessary in the future. But the priority now is to get these laws adopted so that change can begin to happen.


The Higher Education Law will enable improved mobility of students and professors as well as recognition of higher education diplomas and degrees within the European Higher Education Area. It should increase employment opportunities for graduates in Bosnia and Herzegovina and encourage universities to work in a more open, transparent and efficient way.