OHR/EUSR comment on the Croat Peoples Assembly

As HR and European Union Special Representative, I look forward to continuing to work with all those, regardless of whether they have participated in yesterday’s meeting or not, who are ready to respect Dayton, the Rule of Law and to work within this country’s institutions and make meaningful progress towards a better future for all those who live in BiH; a better future for Croats, for Serbs, for Bosniaks and Others, a better future for citizens.

No party or individual has the exclusive right to represent any constituent people. What is required more than ever is genuine dialogue across the political spectrum within the institutions of this country that have the mandate to adopt and implement changes. The era of parallel institutions is behind us. The only place for change to be delivered is inside the competent institutions of this country.

Progress is possible – progress on job creation, progress on poverty reduction, progress in the fight against corruption, progress on many of the legitimate issues that have been raised during yesterday’s gathering and progress in making Bosnia and Herzegovina a country where Croats, Bosniaks, Serbs and Others see their future.

However, a perquisite for this to happen is for the BiH House of Peoples to be formed and the Council of Ministers to be appointed. Over six months have passed since the elections.

The next three and a half years represent another opportunity for Bosnia and Herzegovina’s political class to show they are capable of delivering the future and the positive change the citizens of this country want and to put the country back on track for Euro-Atlantic integration.

The adoption of constitutional changes through the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina provides the means for the country and its constituent peoples and citizens to advance substantial change and I hope that the authorities at State-level will be formed without further delay and that we will see meaningful progress in this area in the weeks and months ahead.