Formation of BiH Government Should be Priority, not Attacking State Institutions

At a time when BiH citizens are struggling to deal with the worst recession since the war, BiH politics have been sidetracked by issues that have nothing to do with people’s livelihood, High Representative and EU Special Representative Valentin Inzko said today during a meeting with Deputy Israeli Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon.

The HR/EUSR stressed that rapid progress can still be made to revive the economy and get Bosnia and Herzegovina back on the road to Euro-Atlantic integration, stressing that recent polls have confirmed popular support for the European agenda and popular dissatisfaction with leaders who are obstructing that agenda.

“Bosnia and Herzegovina urgently needs to see the end of political gamesmanship and a return to pragmatic and constructive politics,” he said. “Attacking BiH institutions is not the way to serve BiH citizens. Instead, a Council of Ministers must be formed without further delay, and party and government leaders must start proposing practical solutions to the problems that citizens face.”