New generation of citizens offers fresh look on politics

Leading young people in Bosnia and Herzgeovina can offer the political establishment an alternative to failure, EU Special Representative and High Representative Valentin Inzko said today.

The EUSR/HR was speaking in Jahorina at the inaugural session of “Generation BiH for Europe”, a civic initiative designed to give a new generation of BiH citizens an opportunity to contribute to the country’s effort to join the European Union.

“It is common sense that when a country’s people are becoming poorer, when its authorities are unable to honour their financial commitments, when its schools and hospitals are understaffed and under-funded, and when the only growth industry is crime and corruption – that something must change,” the HR/EUSR said.

“Clearly, the BiH political establishment is in desperate need of new ideas, new energy, a new focus,” the EUSR/HR said. He  called on the authorities to listen to citizens’ demands and in particular to the voice of youth, and to return to the policies of modernisation and European integration that were beginning to deliver positive improvements in living standards until a few years ago.

The full text of the HR/EUSR’s speech can be accessed at and