Head of Delegation /EUSR Sorensen arrives in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The new Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and EU Special Representative (EUSR), Ambassador Peter Sorensen, will arrive in BiH later today. 


During his first week in country, Ambassador Sorensen will undertake introductory meetings with the Heads of the EU missions in BiH and with Ambassadors resident in Sarajevo.


Ambassador Sorensen is scheduled to present his credentials to the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Friday 9 September 2011, and will embark on introductory meetings with the parliamentary and executive leadership of the country.


Upon presentation of credentials, Ambassador Sorensen will take charge of the Delegation of the European Union in addition to the Office of the EUSR. This will activate the reinforced presence of the European Union in BiH.


The modified and reinforced presence, based on the Lisbon Treaty, aims to advance the Union’s cooperation with BiH; this is supported by more than €660 million of pre-accession assistance for the years 2007-2013.