Compact for Growth and Jobs: Workshop for youth members of political parties

The main aim of the workshop “Compact for Growth and Jobs – focus on youth unemployment and prospects in BiH” held in Konjic last week, 21-23 January, was to raise awareness and knowledge among younger members of BiH’s political parties through an opportunity to debate BiH’s EU integration process and the Compact economic reform agenda with EUSR representatives.

The workshop was funded by the European Union Special Representative Office and implemented by the Civil Society Promotion Centre. About 35 representatives from 17 BiH political parties from across Bosnia and Herzegovina participated.

During the plenary sessions the participants had the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the key aspects of BiH’s EU integration process, the reforms proposed in the Compact for Growth and jobs, the new EU reform agenda, youth unemployment challenges and the political culture of dialogue.

In the four round tables that followed, the young members of political parties actively contributed to exploring solutions for the presented problems.

The final result of the project will be a policy paper that will be drafted on the basis of inputs produced at the workshop, with publication expected in mid-February.