Second day of the Forum for Prosperity and Jobs in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The second day of the Forum for Prosperity and Jobs started with the presentation ‘Challenges in Transition’ by Milica Uvalic, Professor at the Faculty of Political Sciences at the University of Perugia, Italy. Professor Uvalic elaborated in practical and theoretical terms what are the major challenges facing every reforming economy, especially those that underwent transition in the last 25 years. The opening session of the second day was also used for the presentation of the Forum’s objectives.

Following the opening session, the participants will split into five workshop groups on the following topics:

1. The Labour Market and Tax Burden on Employment (Organised by the IMF)

2. The Business Environment and Investment (Organised by the Delegation of the EU)

3. Enterprise Restructuring and Expansion (Organised by the EBRD)

4. Economic Corruption and Privilege (Organised by the European Commission)

5. Targeting and Reform of Social Welfare (Organised by the World Bank)

The workshops will yield recommendations and suggestions on how to reform the BiH economy and boost its growth.

The Forum for Prosperity and Jobs is a high-profile gathering of citizens/institutions of BiH. There are some 400 attendees including: politicians; the business community; academic leaders; civil society; and representatives of the international community.