Statement following the mid-term review meeting on the High Level Dialogue on the Accession Process

Representatives of the executive authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and leaders of the country’s main political parties met today in Sarajevo with representatives of the European Commission led by the Director-General for Enlargement, Stefano Sannino.

The meeting reviewed progress on the tasks and deadlines agreed by all political representatives at the First Meeting of the Dialogue in June 2012. Mr Sannino underlined the disappointment of the European Commisison, as previously expressed by Commissioner Fuele, that the BiH political leaders missed the first timeline (31 August 2012) for implementation of the EU Roadmap.

The EU Roadmap remains valid. An agreed proposal, on the basis of political consensus, remains to be submitted to the Parliamentary Assembly for making the BiH Constitution compliant with the Sejdic-Finci judgment. The need for an effective coordination mechanism at all levels for the adoption and implementation of EU laws in a harmonised manner remains to be addressed as a matter of priority, so the country can speak with one voice on EU matters. Equally such a mechanism will help the country move forward on its EU integration agenda.

The European Union has reiterated several times that Bosnia and Herzegovina has a clear perspective to become a member of the EU. It underlined the continuing strong public support in the country for this goal. It underlined that the entry into force of the SAA and the submission of a credible membership application remains a realistic prospect provided there is sufficient political will to reach consensus and to realise with concrete actions the EU aspirations of its citizens.