On the occasion of the World’s Planet Earth’s Day: European Union supports preserving and development of clean environment

On Sunday, 22 April 2012, marking the World’ Plant Earth’ Day was taken place in Sarajevo, as an activity within the EU funded project “Reducing of plastic bags usage in BiH” that implements the Centre of Civil Initiatives (CCI) in partnership with the Centre for Support and Development (CRP).  By recognising the significance of such initiatives, the Association of High School students in BiH took an active part in contacts with citizens, together with the project team.

On that occasion, citizens were stimulated to an active inclusion into initiatives for improvements of regulations regarding production, movement and export of the plastic bags as well as entire protection of living environment.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is the most polluted country as per number of thrown plastic bags. The consumption per annum is more than a billion of pieces which after their short term use, end up, in the best case scenario, at some of managed landfills, and very often, in the nature. An insignificant number is recycled. Activities in many countries being undertaken in regard to introduction of mechanisms for reducing their use witness having plastic bags as a planetary problem. 

The European Union considers seriously modalities of limiting mass use of plastic bags and their free of charge distribution. It is expected that responsibility BiH structures will follow positive European practices in resolving this problem in a way to have our environment be responsibly protected.

Citizens’ involvement into resolving such complex problem is very simple – bring the old habit of using linen bags and baskets when do the shopping back.

The World’s Planet Earth’s Day is marked in more than 150 countries of the World. This year’s campaign’s slogan is “Protect our home – Planet Earth”. It was aimed at arising awareness of the danger threatening to the life on Earth and stimulating joint responsibility in presenting the nature and its potentials.