Info sessions “Getting to Know the EU”

The 10th and last info session on the European Union, organised by the Centre for the Promotion of European values EUROPLUS, was held in Tesanj high school “Musa Cazim Catic”. Info session aimed to contribute to better knowledge and understanding of the EU, its policies and programs, as well as the impact on the awareness of youth about the importance of the enlargement process.

Short presentation on the BiH’s process of EU integration and school quiz competition called “Do you know the EU were part of this info session.

20 pupils prepared themselves previously for the competition. Participants were familiar with the process of European Integration, which offers membership benefits especially when it comes to young people, and various EU youth programs, EU institutions and bodies.

Info Sessions was successful. Pupils showed great interest in participating in such activities. In their statements at the end of the session, they emphasized benefits of the membership for them as young people. School director and a professor of democracy and human rights participated in the coordination of this event.

Info session was one of ten held under the project entitled “EU in Schools” which is being implemented as part of the European Union “Get to Know the EU” programme. The project is implemented by the Bulgarian European Institute in partnership with the Centre for Promotion of European values EUROPLUS, in cooperation with the Directorate for European Integration. The project involved 10 secondary schools in Zenica Doboj Canton, Tuzla Canton and Republika Srpska (Doboj region).