Conference ‘Youth Work – Challenges of New Age’ Finished

The final part of a three-day Conference ‘Youth work – Challenges of the New Age’ was held today in Sarajevo. The Conference was organized by the Institute for youth development KULT and Commission for Coordination of Youth Issues in BiH as a joint event of four projects co-financed by the European Union. Through these projects EU supports the development of youth policy and youth work, as well as social inclusion of marginalised youth.

Speaking at the Conference, the Head of Social Development, Civil Society and Cross Border Cooperation Section of the EU Delegation to BiH, Natalia Dianiskova, said: “European Union is currently financing several projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina, from the smaller grants to NGOs to the big projects at the state level dealing with implementation of a national youth strategy. The challenges faced by youth in BiH are very similar to those faced by young people in the European Union – unemployment, education, social inclusion. For example, 7.5 million people aged 15-24 are currently neither in a job nor education or training in the EU. Therefore, EU adopted a comprehensive package of policy initiatives on education and employment for young people in Europe. BiH is encouraged to participate in this strategy, aiming for increase in overall employment, increase in University educated young people, and decrease of a drop-out rate from secondary schools.”  

More than eighty Youth Officers and representatives of the NGOs and Civil society organisations from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia participated at this event, together with EU delegation representatives.