Invitation to submit written contributions from NGOs and Civil Society organisations to the Progress Report 2012

Each year, the European Commission publishes progress reports which assess the specific situation in each candidate and potential candidate country with a view to the EU integration.

The Bosnia and Herzegovina 2012 Progress Report will have a similar structure to the 2011 Report. It will take stock, for each of the relevant criteria (Political criteria, Economic criteria and European standards), of progress made by BiH since October 2011. This will be measured in terms of decisions actually taken, legislation adopted and the degree of implementation.

The European Commission wishes to maintain a close and fruitful dialogue with NGOs and Civil Society organisations and would like to invite your organisations to submit written contributions (such as reports or completed tables as annexed) summarizing your observations on the areas related to your sphere of activities during the reporting period. The Commission expects contributions to be factually accurate, verifiable and objective.

Written contributions should be sent by no later than 25 March 2012 to the functional mailbox: