European Union supported Winter Hiking transversal 2012 within the EU funded project to build up the Park of nature TAJAN

In spite of extreme weather conditions, gathering of hiking associations from Bosnia and Herzegovina took place on Saturday, 4 February 2012, by which a two day Winter Hiking Transversal 2012 began, as supported within the EU funded project to promote Tajan Nature Park.

The main goal of the Winter hiking transversal 2012 was to gather hikers from minimum 10 associations from BiH cities to find out more about exquisite winter ambient of the mountains that surround the Park and thus promote Tajan Park of Nature, as a tourist spot that has attracted more and more people over the past years. 

Despite the weather conditions, Winter Hiking transversal gathered the hikers from mountaineering associations from Zenica, Kakanj, Zavidovići and Zivinice, while the hikers from Sarajevo, Tuzla and Visoko were deprived of joining due to impossibility to travel to Zenica starting point. 

The Transversal was attended by 30 participants, out of which 23 came from six mountaineering associations, joined by journalist, two guides and four members of the Zenica Doboj Canton Civil Protection unit, who also took part for safety reasons and provided their support in undertaking the event, with their one off-road vehicle with a trailer and a snowmobile, to ensure smooth access to the transversal route.

The EU support enabled such event that has proven an excellent synergy between service providers and the project beneficiaries (Zenica-Doboj Cantonal Tourist Association, Cantonal Civil Protection Unit, Mountain Rescue Services, guides) and that the security measures meet the highest standards even in extreme conditions.